Knowledge Series - Strengthening Financial Resilience in Agriculture

Overview: Strengthening Financial Resilience in Agriculture Knowledge Series

Agriculture and its subsectors rely heavily on the weather, good climatic conditions, and a conducive environment to succeed and flourish. Disasters result in damages and losses to agriculture assets and affect food security, global supply chains, trade, and livelihoods. In developing countries, where agriculture remains a primary contributor to GDP, employment, and incomes, disasters impact economic growth by disrupting agriculture and agriculture-dependent industries. Effectively managing the risk of losses in agriculture starts with a proper understanding of risk and the financial mechanisms that can respond to disasters and strong, well-informed institutions and partnerships.

The Knowledge Series aims to bridge the knowledge gap for government officials and practitioners about developing and using disaster-responsive financing mechanisms and instruments for the agriculture sector. Completing the series will provide a grounding for Ministries of Finance, Ministries of Agriculture, and related Ministries to establish, evaluate, and implement Disaster Risk Financing Agriculture (DRFA) programs as part of an overarching risk-financing strategy. The Knowledge Series features a series of interactive webinars and associated fact sheets, taking place monthly from February to September 2021. Invited speakers are industry experts, government clients, and seasoned practitioners from the World Bank Group and international development agencies. This series offers a World Bank Group certificate of achievement. 

Post-Event Resources

February 24, 2021 - Introduction to Disaster Risk Financing for the Agriculture Sector

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April 15, 2021 - Integrated Agriculture Risk Management

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