DRF for Agriculture and Climate Resilient Livelihoods Workshop for Sub-Saharan African Countries

The DRF for Agriculture and Climate Resilient Livelihoods was an invitation-only 4-day workshop developed by the World Bank’s Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance Program (DRFIP).  The workshop, which brought together 32 senior technical government officials and private sector representatives from ten countries, namely, Eswatini, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, was designed to deepen knowledge on DRF for agricultural livelihoods and foster regional collaboration among practitioners, technical counterparts and policymakers of Sub-Saharan African countries. The workshop builds on a series of 12 online webinars which began in 2021, the Knowledge series: Strengthening Financial Resilience in Agriculture and  Knowledge Series: Disaster Risk Financing Solutions for Climate-Resilient Livelihoods in the Agricultural Sector.     

Program Objectives:

  • To increase knowledge and understanding of the status of financial resilience solutions for rural households and businesses, key gaps in evidence and its policy implications
  • To complement the WB’s existing knowledge management products by developing content on new topics that were not covered in the previous webinar series, for example, design of AYII, forestry insurance, and climate finance for agriculture 
  • To support the development of agriculture risk financing strategies at regional, national and local levels to help Sub-Saharan African countries make informed decisions 
  • To improve financial capacity to mitigate the socio-economic, fiscal and financial impacts of disasters in Sub-Saharan African countries with a focus on agriculture
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and networking among representatives of different countries and World Bank staff
  • To scale-up training initiatives on Disaster Risk Financing by providing clients and country partners the tools and templates to provide capacity building on DRF at the local level

Program Agenda

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Presentations and Related Documents

Please find the presentations and related documents of the program.  

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  DAY 1

  [1] The fundamental principles of Disaster Risk Finance

  [2] The Rationale for DRF in Agriculture and Choosing the Right Financing Instrument      

  [3] Climate Finance for Agriculture Value Chain

  [4] Country Presentations

  [5] Crisis Preparedness and Response Toolkit



  DAY 2

  [1] REPAIR: Regional Emergency Preparedness & Access to Inclusive Recovery MPA   

  [2] Deep Dive into Area Yield Index Insurance (AYII)

  [3] Area Yield Index Insurance (AYII) Kenya Experience

  [4] Deep Dive into Livestock Insurance

  [5] Closing the Agriculture Data Gap

  [6] DRIVE Project in Kenya



  DAY 3

  [1] Institutional Arragements - Public Priavte Partnership Framework and Roles

  [2] Case Study: Zambia - Farmer Input Support Program (FISP)

  [3] Case Study: Uganda - Uganda Agriculture Insurance Scheme (UAIS)

  [4] Case Study: Mongolia - Index Based Livestock Insurance Program



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*For more information, please write to us at drfip@worldbankgroup.org