Online Meeting Checklist

A webinar team usually includes roles: Knowledge coordinator, Speaker coordinator, Speakers( and discussants, facilitators, etc.), and Technical support. Services to be provided by the knowledge team include (please check all that apply): 1) Develop announcement/invitation; 2) Send email blast of announcement /invitation; 3) Coordinate design of final desk/slides; 4) Schedule practice session (1 day prior); 5) Schedule technology work-through (1 day prior); 6) Act as a meeting host (handle recording, polls, support with the chatbox); 7) Handle meeting facilitation (emcee the event, facilitate Q&A session); 8) Send post-event resources email; 9) Develop and publish both internal and external feature. 

Please note that the contact information and other particulars in the checklist currently only pertains to the World Bank Group.

DRF Training and Knowledge

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Date of Publication
October, 2020