The Financial Resilience Program

Jun 23

The Financial Resilience Program (FRP) was established in June 2021 in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), to enhance the capacity of policy makers for improved financial resilience of vulnerable rural households and businesses to climate shocks and natural disasters. The FRP: provides technical assistance to governments in the development and implementation of policy to help rural populations and businesses prepare for—and recover more quickly from—the impacts of climate shocks, disasters, and crises;  and develops and shares knowledge to inform practitioners and policymakers globally.

The FRP is built on the principle that different segments of the population and economy benefit from different and often complementary systems and financial instruments, designed and implemented to solve their specific challenges. The Program aims to:

  • Through strengthening public private partnerships for risk financing:
    • Increase rural household welfare, food security, and economic activity through increased stability and predictability of income for vulnerable households
    • Increase rural financial inclusion and access to credit
  • Enhance the effectiveness and transparency of government disaster and crisis-linked financial support to the most vulnerable
  • Ensure the ability of financial institutions to provide liquidity to the rural economy following crises and disasters
  • Increase the resilience of rural businesses to climate shocks and disasters

For more information, please contact: John Plevin, Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank,