2020 Understanding Risk Forum in Singapore

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30 November - 23 December 2020

Event Summary

As you may be expecting, the 2020 Understanding Risk Forum will look quite different this year. But rest assured that it will still be as fun, engaging and creative as ever! You probably have a lot of questions, so we will do our best to answer them, while also knowing that this is an ever-evolving environment.

Dates: November 30-December 23, 2020

Location: Global/Singapore

Venue: At your fingertips/SingEx

Registration is closed at the moment. Registration for the new hybrid format will open in September.

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What is Understanding Risk?
UR is a global community of nearly 10,000 experts and practitioners active in the creation, communication, and use of disaster risk information. Members share knowledge and experience, collaborate, and discuss innovations and best practice in risk assessment. The community convenes every two years at UR Forums – five-day events that highlight groundbreaking work, facilitate nontraditional partnerships, and showcase new technical know-how in disaster risk identification. 



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