[Webinar Recap] Innovative Crisis Financing – How Can We Drive a More Equitable Humanitarian System

Sep 28

The current global financing system for crisis is not fit for purpose; funding is often late, under-delivered and highly unpredictable. This leads to millions of people across the world being underserved by a system whose purpose is to support them.

A webinar focusing on innovative crisis financing took place on September 15, 2022. The webinar aimed to explore how we can build locally designed and owned crisis risk management systems and how we can sustainably finance these. During the webinar, panelists look at how recent innovations do this – by bringing together leadership from the global south, innovative financing, and systematic crisis management to overcome challenges and seize opportunities to share a better aid system. Luis Alton, Sr. Financial Sector Specialist, from the Crisis and Disaster Risk Finance team at the World Bank, joined the discussion, along with other DRF experts. This event was organized by Start Network and AidEx and attracted over 300 registrations. Register for the event to watch the recorded video here.